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Smarter and faster bots. 3

AIs going to pit 3

Bigger number of players/drivers. 3

Missiles range and invisibility. 3

Missiles postponed. 3

Adding slipperiness to the objects. 3

Rain races. 4

Fog of war. 4

Direct Zoom.. 4

Fuel 2 for fuel without refueling. 4

TyreWearWhenEasyBraking. 4

Safety car. 4

Car teleporting for hot lap competitions. 5

Easy way to set all players to start from the first position. 5


Split screen. 5

Capture the flag (advanced infiltration) mode. 5

Manager mode. 6

Time trial mode. 6


Subfolders for cars and automatic subfolders for autosaved videos. 6

Advanced randomized tracks picking from the certain directory. 6


Team standings and team playing in races. 7

Battle point settings are not affecting the Race Stats. 7


Command to mute spectators. 7

Command to disable color changing. 7


Live info when being lapped. 8

“Do you really want to quit” question. 8

Press TAB triple - that should be default screen stats setting. 8

Players’ info on the bottom of the screen. 8


Faster track/car files transferring. 8

Spectator mode without leaving the server. 8

Bigger number of tires. 8

Bigger number of teams and solid team auto-colors. 8


Pure white color. 9

AI lines for single lap tracks. 9


Server should not restart transferring after forcing the race. 9

Pivot of the car image isn’t centralized. 9

X - SYSTEM... 9

Mac version. 9




Smarter and faster bots

AI players should have the notion that there’s another car close to them. Now they simply ignore that there is another car occupying the space. They normally use to make a turn or whatever, and simply hit you without regard.

It’s especially important that they give you a way when they’re lapped.

Also, it would be better if top AI players (skill 5) could be even faster than they are now. Whenever we create some driving lines, top AI players are still making significantly slower laps than those ones we drove for them are. We hope you can make them go faster (well, not faster than we were, but much closer to it). Now, whenever we drive some race, we’re almost always the ones who make the fastest lap in the end, even most of the laps for AI lines are faster than that lap is.


AIs going to pit

This is one of the things we miss the most about AIs.

Related features:

- Safety car

- Manager mode


Bigger number of players/drivers

This is probably the most common request. I’m not sure what the limit there is, but we don’t expect it to be under 30.

I hope you can make that number even bigger. We will probably never play regular races like that, but some competitions could be playable by huge number of players (ghost mode, battles etc.). So, please, be generous there.


Missiles range and invisibility

It could be a big advantage to have these small options. Missiles range should start from some really small values to unlimited (like it’s now only). The only thing that should never be invisible about missiles is the effect on the place (tree, stone, opponent’s car etc.) where missiles are hitting in.


Missiles postponed

Missiles should have parameter that will postpone them for <n> amount of time since

the battle is started.


Adding slipperiness to the objects

All obstacles in the TS are always kinda too stucky. This is probably one of the things that are the most irritating for the newcomers, but also for the all other players.

All the obstacles are now bumpy ones only. It's almost impossible to scratch some wall in some longer distance. We can only bumping in it many times. So, bumping is not scratching.

For example, it would be nice to see some wall acting similar to the "end of screen". If we try to hit the "end of screen", we can see that we can scratch it trough whole its length without stucking in it. That’s the way of how all of the obstacles should work (walls, trees, stones etc.). We should only be able to change the level of the slipperiness for each of those walls and obstacles. Objects should slow down cars more, but each object by different value (stones should be more slippery/faster than trees etc.).

So, to conclude this, the car should be able to be slipping (scratching) while touching the wall, not just to bump or stuck in it like now.

This would improve racing on the oval tracks especially, but also the racing in general.

Problem with current walls can be noticed on 2:10 of this video:

I’m not sure if the same technique (physics) could be implemented to cars too. It would be nice if two cars could slip one by another without bounciness when they are approaching one to another slowly. Current TS’s physics doesn’t allow this.

If implemented, this will make the game to have better flow and to be less irritating.


Rain races

It would be nice if tyre marks of wet tracks could work as parts that are dried off. This could be simulated if tyre marks could influence the car handling and be able to disappear by a certain amount of time. That would create effect of rain falling.

Some players already created some wet tracks (without these rain effects of course). You can find them on TS website in order to analyze what can be done about them in order to apply these new effects. Here is an example:


Fog of war

This would improve all the battle modes. Basically, players should not be able to see trough the obstacles. Their sight could also be limited by certain distance even there are no any obstacles.


Direct Zoom

Players should be able to zoom in and out directly, while they’re on a track (+/- numpad keys can be used for this).


Fuel 2 for fuel without refueling

Currently, we can set fuel to be 1 or 0 (enabled/disabled). But it would good to have /fuel 2 option that will enable fuel, but disable refueling in pit. So, instead of current, for example, /fuel 1 1582 20 10, we could just set /fuel 2 1582.



By the new car parameter of v2.5.3 (SmokeLimitBraking) new type of braking is basically created. That one can be called easy braking. So, it would be great if the game could make difference between normal and easy braking now. Easy braking should always wear the tyres less than normal braking. That will force players to avoid overbraking in order to save their tyres. It would be a nice new gameplay element.


Safety car

If AIs become able to visit pits, it’s probably very easy to add this feature too. By implementing this TS would become the first top down game in history that has safety car as a feature. This is how it should work basically:

- Safety car start position should be defined by track editor.

- It should be enabled by commands similar to fuel: /safetycar 1 80 3 2

Number 1 means: safety car is enabled.

Number 80 and 3 mean that car energy of 3 cars has to reach 80 to have safety car activated.

Number 2 means that safety car will cruise 2 laps before getting back to the pit.

- If cars are damaged during the safety car laps, safety car will continue driving new session.

- AI players should also respect safety car.

Related feature:

- Smarter and faster bots


Car teleporting for hot lap competitions

When playing a hot lap competition, it’s quite annoying to drive whole new lap just to start a new clean lap. Very often we make a mistake in first curves and most of the people feel the pain because of driving that whole ruined lap for nothing. One trick could be used there: a key for car teleporting should be added. When a player presses that key, the game would move his car to the last checkpoint or start position and make minus 1 lap for him. That would be just like he’s moving time back and repeating his last lap.

Related feature:

- Time trial mode

- Easy way to set all players to start from the first position


Easy way to set all players to start from the first position

We need a simple command to set all players to start from first position. That can be done by /AllStarfFirst  1 command.

Consider that this command should set all cars to ghost mode automatically. Otherwise it will make problems - cars will stuck. So, this command should only work in ghost mode.

Related features:

- Time trial mode

- Car teleporting for hot lap competitions






Split screen

It would be an awesome feature to have split screen mode for up to 4 local players.


Capture the flag (advanced infiltration) mode

This mode is probably easy to make, but gives totally new tactical dimension than current infiltration does. Capture the flag is one of the most popular modes in most of FPS games and could be implemented in TS as an advanced infiltration mode. That means that you don’t have to make any new visual effects to implement it. You can do it all by programming code.

It should work like this:

Player should not just need to infiltrate the opponent team base, but also run back to his own base in order to get points. When a player infiltrate opponent team’s base, that should mean that he captured its’ flag and brings it to the home base (you just need to make the game says like: Team 1’s flag is captured by dede!).

Only one player can capture the flag (cause there is only 1 imaginary flag in each of bases).

If somebody kills dede after he captures the flag, game should say: Team 1’s flag is saved!

If dede manage to come back in his team’s base, game can say: Team 2 won the Team 1’s flag!

After that is happened, all players should be teleported to their bases (like in puna when goal is scored) and start new round. Even dead players should be teleported and start again the next round with all other players (I hope that’s possible to make).

Match can be limited by points or by time (just like punaball)


I hope you understood the point. This mode will give totally new dimension of team playing which will be much more attractive than a current infiltration. It’s more dynamic, and more tactical. Players whose player is carrying the flag will try to protect him while coming back to their home base. From the other side, opponents will do all to kill that player as quickly they can. Sometimes 2 players of both teams could capture the flags in the same time. That will make some epic moments.


Manager mode

This mode could bring huge number of new players to the game. Basically, you should make that we can set a race for AI controlled cars, but each of human players should control strategy and tactic of chosen AI player (when to visit the pit, how much fuel to take, and some other stuff maybe).

Players are very interested in this kind of games. There are a lot of people playing GPRO manger game I think that TS have better base for such competing mode, especially if we talk about better race preview. Sure, you’ll hardly include so many strategy elements that GPRO has, but some basic ones would be just enough.


Time trial mode

This is also a very common request. Basically, players want to play hotlap against their own ghost, which is a common option of many racing games. Ghost’s lap should always restart when new lap is started. When player beat that lap, new recorded lap becomes a ghost’s lap and so on. I’m sure it’s familiar to you.

The only thing that would be more advanced in TS is if you could allow us to extract ghost lap from any .tsr video. For example, I could decide to play against Tijny’s 23th lap of some replay .tsr video that I have stored on my hard drive.

Related features:

- Easy way to set all players to start from the first position

- Car teleporting for hot lap competitions






Subfolders for cars and automatic subfolders for autosaved videos

This is probably understandable by itself.

-Subfolders for cars will make that „cars“ folder much cleaner. Car makers will name those folders by their own wish (just like they did with tracks). The game should be able to read all cars from all folders (no matter how many subfolders or sub-subfolders there are). For example, I could decide to put 10 F1 cars in 1 folder named “F1 cars” and each of those cars could be in its’ own subfolder.

The game should automatically create subfolders in “tmp” folder too.

-Subfolders for auto-saved videos will also be an improvement. You need to make that auto-saved videos be sorted automatically in auto-created subfolders named by dates (one folder per day).  As a result we will get „autosave“ folder with subfolders like:  2013-05-05, 2013-05-06, 2013-05-07 and so on.


Randomized tracks picking from the certain directory

This is the thing that people miss the most when they’re creating a server. Now only players with the programming knowledge can do it.

We need a possibility to set the server to run x number of tracks from desired folder randomly. We already have standard random picking by /addrnd <n>, but that command works for default tracks only.






Team standings and team playing in races

It would be nice to have this possibility without any scripts needed. Basically, Tijny’s script for teams should be integrated inside of the game.

Related feature:

- Bigger number of teams and solid team auto-colors


Battle point settings are not affecting the Race Stats

This is an already known issue. We’re still hoping this problem could be solved somehow.

When we are creating the battle setting, there are few lines that are given to us for points:


PointsForMissileHit: Points for hitting another car with a missile.

PenaltyForTeamMissileHit: Points lost for hitting a team member with a missile.

PointsForWin: Points every team member in a winning team gets.

PointsForDraw: Points everyone gets when no team wins.

PointsForSurvivingInTeam: Points for not getting wrecked in a team match.

GivePositionPoints: Whether to give position points in a non-team match. Points are given as in normal races.

PointsForInfiltrating: Points for winning a team battle by infiltrating the enemy base.


These settings aren’t applied to the Race Stats, but only to the Cup Stats. Now the Race Stats show always just “how many players somebody killed”, even we don’t want it - and that can’t be changed.

After every race (battle) people are asking to make every hit to be counted on the stats instead of kills. They don’t know that it’s already made like that. The problem is that they can see it only on Cup Stats. That’s pretty confusing and should be changed.

Race Stats should not count the kills always, because we’re not interested about them always. It should fallow the settings we create for the battle, whatever those settings are.






Command to mute spectators

Sometimes we feel the need to mute spectators only.


Command to disable color changing

Command like /ColorChanging 1/0 should exist in order to prevent players to change their colors during the cup.






Live info when being lapped

We should notice easier slower and faster cars around us. Even if it’s not perfectly accurate, this feature will still help a lot when there is a race with a lot of players.


“Do you really want to quit” question

Many times we press esc accidentally in the game menu and there is no way to stop game quitting. That’s why the game should ask us: “Do you really want to quit?” to prevent that happening.


Press TAB triple - that should be default screen stats setting

Whenever I start any race, the first thing I do is pressing TAB three times. I’m sure that’s exactly what 99% other players do. And 100% of them must do it for any race with fuel/tyrewear/damage - otherwise there is no other way to fallow the live info about those things. That’s why these stats on the screen should be there as default. The same number of TAB pressing (3) is used for the most common info in puna either (otherwise we can’t see how many goals each team scored as long as somebody is scored the new one).

This could be the other way to solve the problem: instead of making this stats screen as default one, you can also make the game remember our last choice so that it remains after the game restarts. This could be also related to the next suggestion too (Players’ info on the bottom of the screen).


Players’ info on the bottom of the screen

I’m talking about the info with the black background that we can hide by space key. It should be hidden by default.






Faster track/car files transferring

It would be good if bigger downloading speed could be achieved.


Spectator mode without leaving the server

Instead of blocking him to join, it would be nice if the game could turn a player to a spectator automatically when he’s joining a full server. Also, it would be nice if any player could go to spectator mode by some command without leaving the server.

Going to spectator mode is currently quite tricky and most of the newcomers spend a lot of time figuring out how to do it. And for most of the people current way of getting to spectator mode isn’t intuitive and it’s too slow.


Bigger number of tires

This would make all cars more natural in curves. For example, now you can cut any curve with Speeder a lot. That's just because it's long car and it hasn't front tires. Almost all sliding cars are like that (Slider, EasySlider too). Spinner would also be cooler with that rear 3rd tire.

But, default cars can stay as they are actually. Custom ones are more important.

You could define that only first 2 in the list can produce smoke effects. All the others only tire marks, and we would create new cars considering that.


Bigger number of teams and solid team auto-colors

Now only 2 are possible. Possible number of teams should depend on number of players. If, for example, 50 players are allowed to play in the same race, then having 25 teams should be allowed too. They should work as same as these 2 current ones do. This can be allowed by command /teams >n<, where max >n< in this case is 25.

Auto-colors should work here too, but not only the stripes ones. Solids team colors are needed too.

Related feature:

- Team standings and team playing in races






Pure white color

That color isn’t possible to be selected from the game menu for some reason. It can be chosen only by the command /color white.


AI lines for single lap tracks

The game doesn’t allow us to play against AI players on single lap tracks now. There should be an easier way to create driving lines for those tracks too.






Server should not restart transferring after forcing the race

Sometimes we download 25/26 files and the server force the race just few seconds before we finished. After that, we have to download all the files from the beginning instead of just to continue with it.


Pivot of the car image isn’t centralized

Pivot obviously isn't centralized well when car is made by a single image. That car image always jumps a bit at angle 0 while car rotates. The same bug doesn’t exist when rot-images are used.






Mac version

We already have v2.5.3 packed for Mac. So, it’s probably not that hard to have Mac version as a standard installation.